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All About the Hips & Knees

Healthy hips and knees are an essential part of movement. Pain is common in both the knee and the hip, and it can infringe on ease of movement and enjoyment of life. Often, problems in our backs can be due to weakness in the hips and legs. Understanding proper movement in the hips and knees will improve all areas of your movement.

This workshop will cover:

  • Anatomy of the hip and knee
  • Functional and postural awareness of the hip and knee
  • How the hip and knee that can impact movement and create discomfort
  • Exercises you can do at home

All About the Shoulder

The shoulder has the greatest range of mobility of any joint in the body. This amazing range of motion comes at the expense of joint stability. A better understanding of the shoulder will help you to maintain stability and prevent injury.

This workshop will cover:

  • Anatomy of the shoulder joint
  • Basic shoulder mechanics
  • A discussion of how and why various injuries occur

All About the Spine

Back pain is very common. Pilates teaches awareness of spine alignment and strengthens postural muscles that support the spine. This workshop will dive into the spine to increase your awareness of what is happening in your back and posture to help you maximize your Pilates investment and stay pain-free.

This workshop will cover:

  • Anatomy of the spine
  • Posture of the spine in seated, standing and lying positions
  • Functional awareness of the spine in daily activities
  • Exercises you can do at home
Core Classes

The Core is Key

Developing a strong core connection is integral to Pilates. Everyone can benefit from these workshops, no matter how long they’ve been doing Pilates. Those who are new to Pilates will get an introduction to the core musculature and Pilates breathing techniques, while those who practice regularly will get a reinforcement of the principles of breathing and core connection.

Pilates Workout

Walking & Gait Series

This workshop series will let you work in depth on your walking and gait. You will learn about the gait cycle and why the way you walk matters. Register in this workshop to make every step count! Completion of All About the Hip and Knee is a pre-requisite for this workshop (or with instructor approval).

Get In Touch

Pre & Post-Natal Pilates

Be well and stay well during your transformation into parenthood. A custom Pilates program can be designed to support your changing body’s needs and to regain strength in your pelvic floor and core. You will also receive a Pre- & Post-Natal Pilates handbook to support your at-home practice. Doctor’s permission may be required. Babies are welcome!

Gardening the Pilates Way

We dig into why you get those aches and pains after long days in the garden. From sore shoulders and necks to low back pain, we help you learn how to harness the power of Pilates to help keep you healthy and injury-free this spring.

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